Battery Operated Acceleration Timer, Eisco Scientific

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470159-580EA 127 USD
Battery Operated Acceleration Timer, Eisco Scientific
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Great option when an external power supply is not available.

  • A vibrating striker prints dots on the tape using carbon discs
  • Unique method of adjusting the position of the carbon disc
This two speed ticket timer is a modern version of tried and tested method of measuring velocity and acceleration. The unit is housed in hard wearing, inert scratch proof and shock absorbing plastic case and has a single aluminum plate for clamping to the bench or fixing to a dynamics track. Two speeds are 25/s or 45/s.

Ordering information: Requires 8 D-cell batteries and tape holder can be mounted on a ⁷/₁₆" Ø rod which are not included. Includes a 7.5×6.5" battery board that holds (8) D cell batteries and also 2 rolls of ticker timer tape and 1 pack of carbon discs.