Glass Distillation Set, 15 Piece, Eisco Scientific

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Glass Distillation Set, 15 Piece, Eisco Scientific
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Distillation kit includes 15 pieces of glassware made from high quality, heavy duty, 3.3 borosilicate glass.

  • Heavy duty, 3.3 borosilicate glass
  • All pieces have 19/22 tapered joints
  • Supplied in hard-shell case with a custom foam insert for convenient and safe storage
  • Case measures 19" long, 16" wide, a 5" deep; features a locking system, handle, and rubber stoppers
High quality glassware set designed for small scale organic chemistry distillation experiments and procedures. All of the glassware is made from high quality, 3.3 borosilicate glass and feature 19/22 tapered joints ensuring a perfect fit.

Delivery information: Set includes: 1 condensor, 1 distilling column, 1 glass bleed tube, 1 thermometer adaptor, (1) 3-way adaptor, 1 Claisen adaptor, 1 vacuum adaptor, (1) 125 ml separating funnel, (1) 500 ml round bottom flask, (1) 250 ml round bottom flask, (1) 100 ml round bottom flask, (1) 50 ml round bottom flask, (1) 25 ml round bottom flask, (1) glass stopper.

Packaging: The complete kit is packaged in a hard shell case that includes a custom foam insert. This ensures safe delivery and storage of your set. The case also features a handle, lock, and rubber feet.