Tilapia For Aquaculture

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Tilapia For Aquaculture
Specimens Live Specimens Aquaria - Living Material
Oreochromis melodica.

  • Fast growing
  • Tolerant of a range of water qualities
In order to achieve the fastest, most consistent growth, tilapia are best raised in an all male culture. As a result of the breeding method, not hormones, these fish are predominantly males. This provides a healthy, consistent product that can be raised organically if one desires. With proper water temperature and feeding rates they can grow from fingerling to 1.25 lbs. fish ready for harvest in just nine months.

Delivery information: Fish are shipped using one day ground, or next day air. Tilapia area warm water species, so shipping may be delayed based on expected temperatures from shipping location and customer location. Please request delivery at a time where they can be collected quickly after arrival.