Desktop Aquaponics System

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Desktop Aquaponics System
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Ecology Learning Activities
A compact system to easily display principles.

  • Small footprint
  • Includes tank
  • Easily accessed for cleaning
  • Great size for setup on a cart
Easily show the principles of aquaponics in this compact system. The system uses a space-saving five gallon aquarium (included) utilizing a simple airlift pump. The water flows through the filter media along to the plants. The filtered water then returns to the fish. This sized system can be used to grow a variety of herbs and lettuces. The LED grow light (optional) is positioned directly over the grow raft. The height can be adjusted as the plants grow. Add water along with choice of fish and seeds. Then watch the ecosystem grow.

The top can be removed for easy cleaning. A small heater can be added for warm water fish.