Countertop Aquaculture System

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Countertop Aquaculture System
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A compact multi stage system.

  • Available in two formats
  • Easily monitor conditions at each stage
  • Small enough for a classroom
  • Easy to set up and run
This small version of the full size three barrel system fits in an area just two feet square. It is a complete turnkey system requiring only a few connectors screwed together by hand making it very easy to clean or move in a matter of minutes. Made from recycled water carboys makes observing each stage of the system easy. The totally self contained system requires only one 120 V outlet to run the air pump and optional heater. All containers, pipe, connectors, filter material, air pump, and air stone are included.

In the three barrel system water flows between a fish habitat, the growth tank and a filtration tank. Individual tanks makes detailed monitoring easy for students. The growth area supports a one plant hydroponic raft (included). For more growing area, with a similar footprint, the 2.5 barrel replaces the filtration tank with a bisected carboy that sits on top of the fish habitat, and water return. The bisected carboy serves dual purpose as growth chamber and biological filter tank.