Aquaponics 2.5 Barrel Systems

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Aquaponics 2.5 Barrel Systems
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Large growth area in a compact space.

  • Large capacity (approx. 100 gal.)
  • Self contained, using a single aeration pump
  • Available with a lighting kit
Teach the fundamentals of a fast growing agriculture opportunity with this simple, compact and efficient design. This complete aquaponics system fits in about six square feet of floor space but provides a lot of value. The top half barrel is used both as a filtration system and a plant grow bed. With almost five square feet of growing space you can plant and test a number of crops. The two connected barrels hold almost 100 gallons of water. Both barrels can hold fish giving you the flexibility to separate sizes or species, and will support 30 or more full size tilapia.

The system is self contained and needs no direct plumbing connections. The only electrical needs are for a small water pump used to recirculate the water. A heater can also be used for warm water fish like tilapia. Both can be run from a standard 120 volt outlet. Additionally the system can be purchased with an adjustable height lighting system.

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