Aquaponics 3 Barrel Systems

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Aquaponics 3 Barrel Systems
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Large capacity with segregated stages.

  • Individual tanks make monitoring easy
  • Capacity for up to 15 full grown tilapia
The three barrel aquaculture system is a complete aquaculture/aquaponics system that fits in a five foot square area. The three barrels are configured like an ecosystem featuring biological filtration and an area for plant growth. The system consists of three plastic 55 gallon barrels, each barrel with a specific purpose. The first barrel holds the fish and uses an air lift pump system that recirculates the water. The second is a biological and mechanical filter which removes solids and chemical wastes from the water. The third is an area for plants which can be used for a raft type hydroponic system or as a sump for other hydroponic systems. The system is self contained and needs no direct plumbing connections. The only electrical needs are for a small air pump used to aerate and recirculate the water. A heater can also be used for warm water fish like tilapia. Both run from a standard 120 V outlet. The full sized system will support 15 tilapia to a harvest size of 11/4 pounds.

If you want to build your own system, a kit is available that contains all the materials from the full system except for the drums. While the plumbing comes precut, some final sizing cuts may need to be done to fit your barrels before assembly.