Electrophoresis Buffer Stock Powders

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Electrophoresis Buffer Stock Powders
Buffers Electrophoresis Buffers Loading Buffers
Our premeasured powdered packs offer convenience and will change the way you prepare buffers in your lab.

  • Convenient, premeasured packs make 500 mL or 1L of 1X solution
  • Convenient dispensing box
  • Add pouch contents to water. Stir to dissolve
  • No dilutions of stock solutions needed
Ward's TBE Buffer: Best for gel preparation and as a running buffer for electrophoresis of nucleic acids. TBE works best for resolution of smaller fragments (<2kb). Its higher buffering capacity makes it useful for longer runs. The final concentration of a 1X working solution is 89mM Tris, 89mM boric acid, 2mM EDTA.

Ward's TAE Buffer: Best for recovering DNA from gels and when downstream processing involves enzymatic reactions. Final concentration of a 1X working solution is 40mM Tris, 20mM acetic acid, 1mM EDTA.

Ward's Tris-Glycine-SDS Buffer: One of the most common running buffers used for SDS-PAGE. A 1X solution contains 25mM Tris, 192mM Glycine and 0.1% SDS.