InstaView Gel Box

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InstaView Gel Box
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
The perfect choice for running, viewing and documenting electrophoresis.

  • View DNA migration and separation as it happens
  • Capture gel images without removing from tank
  • Connect your own power supply
  • Comes with trays, combs and a leaf-proof casting stand
Accuris Instruments has taken innovation to the next level with their new InstaView™ electrophoresis systems. These systems make the whole process of running DNA gels, viewing DNA bands and documenting results easy. All without removing the gel.

The InstaView gel tank accommodates one large (10.5×10cm) or one small (10.5×6cm) gel tray and is supplied with trays, combs and a leak-proof casting stand. The tank holds 230 ml of buffer.

The gel tank lid includes attached power leads which prevent the unit from operating without the lid properly in place. The InstaView gel tank is shaped to allow the mini LED transilluminator (included) to slide underneath. Blue light, at a wavelength of 465 nm, provides excitation of common green fluorescent stains. An orange filter is incorporated into the gel tank lid for visualizing the DNA in the gel box without any additional equipment or glasses. The transilluminator can be turned on at any time during a run to track progress, and automatically shuts off after 5 minutes.

Delivery information: Includes Blue LED transilluminator.