Laser Diffraction Demonstration Kit

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Laser Diffraction Demonstration Kit
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Efficiently illustrates the various types of diffraction.

  • Easy to set up design
The Laser Diffraction Kit lets students create, view, and measure diffraction and interference patterns. The kit includes two laser pointers - red and green - along with a convenient mounting base and a slide set of diffraction objects.

Two of the included slides have various double slit patterns. One slide has a fixed slit separation with the slits on either side varying in width. The other has the slit width constant with varying slit separations. For investigating single slit patterns, one of the slides contains five slits of varying widths. An additional slide carries a traditional diffraction grating with 300 lines/mm.

The unique base securely holds the included standard laser pointers. An included clip allows you to hold the laser button on during experiments. Measurements of the light patterns are easy to read when the laser patterns are projected against a wall. Includes activity guide.

Delivery information: Includes one of the following: base with holder, red laser, green laser, diffraction grating, double slit slide set (PK/2), single slit slide and momentary toggle clip.