Tectonics Model

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Tectonics Model
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Geology Learning Activities
Vividly demonstrate plate tectonics and plate boundry interactions.

  • Manual included
  • Digital content
Demonstrate plate tectonic principles, plate boundary interactions and the geometry and relative motions of faulting of geologic layers using 3-D manipulative models.

Versatile kit contains a Fault model set of five manipulatives and a Tectonics Sand Layer model. Use the Fault model set to demonstrate normal faulting (extension), reverse faulting (compression) and horizontal slip faulting (shear). Use the Tectonics Sand Layermodel to explore orogeny – mountain building – of the Appalachian mountains, including coal formation in the sedimentary Appalachian Basin and its coal seam, construct a sand layer model system mimicking a subduction zone of oceanic crust (Juan de Fuca Plate), and simulate the creation of the San Andreas Fault.

Also includes three hands-on geoinformation activities for students to work with metadata to map the continental shelf, learn about earth spot location to determine how fast tectonic plates are moving, and predict earthquakes using metadata for South Dakota.

Ordering information: All necessary materials to perform the demonstrations, including five different colors of sand, are included in the kit. A digital camera or video recorder (not included) is recommended for use in creating video clips that students can use for analysis. Kit is provided with an access code to download interactive Teacher and Student Guides, videos, geoinformation data sets, and other resource information.