Polystyrene Large-well Plates

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Polystyrene Large-well Plates
Microplates Deep Well Microplates
Clear plates with deep uniform wells; replace beakers and test tubes in the microchemistry lab

  • Alpha-numeric labeling to help orient when filling
  • Great for demonstration purposes on an overhead projector
  • 24-well size is perfect for holding and storing most Beral pipets
  • Inexpensive, can be rinsed and re-used
  • Not recommended for use with organic solvents
Reaction plates (or microplates, as they are often called) generally replace beakers and test tubes in the microchemistry lab.

Larger sized reaction plates like these can be used as a series of ""micro beakers"" for experiments that require large volumes of materials or the continuous addition of a reagent. Sterile plates can be used for tissue-culture.

Certifications: These plates are for educational use and do not come with certificates of quality.

Caution: Do not use with organic solvents