Set of 4 Fossil Replicas, Eisco Scientific

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470306-902KT 33.85 USD
Set of 4 Fossil Replicas, Eisco Scientific
Specimens Fossil Specimens
Set of commonly studied fossils.

  • Convenient set of four commonly studied fossils (470306-894, 470306-896, 470306-898, 470306-900)
  • Includes fossil replicas of a cenozoic fish, paleozoic bivalve shell, mesozoic echinoderm, and mesozoic ammonite
  • Fossil replicas are built from a sturdy resin designed to last through heavy classroom and laboratory use
  • Perfect for use in the classroom during lessons on fossils and paleontology
Fossil replica of a Cenozoic fish imprint measures approximately 1.5×3" and demonstrates mold replacement of bone and scale on a ray-finned fish.

Fossil replica of a Paleozoic bivalve shell measures approximately 1" and represents a distant relative of seashells found at the beach.

Fossil replica of a Mesozoic echinoderm measures approximately 1.5", this echinoderm is related to the sea urchins and starfish of today.

Fossil replica of an ammonite from the Mesozoic measures approximately 1.5". Students can count the shell segments to determine the age of the animal.