Visual Scientifics Photogate System, Eisco Scientific

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Visual Scientifics Photogate System, Eisco Scientific
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
A complete system for physics explorations requiring photogates.

  • Photogate system, to be used with Visual Scientifics systems or any lab experiment requiring a photogate
  • System includes photogate timer, 2 photogates, 2 support poles, timer power cord, 2 magnetic pole bases, 2 sliding pole supports and 2 cables
  • Laboratory manual included
  • Visual Scientifics base (470148-822) and back board (470135-558) are required, and sold separately for the included experiments
The photogate system is an accessory for use with visual scientifics experiment kits or any other laboratory experiment requiring a photogate. This tool has a built in stopwatch, and features four function modes: gate, pulse, pendulum and frequency.

Please note that experiment kits and components (including the magnetic base) from visual Scientifics are not included with the photogate system. Visual scientifics experiment kits provide a variety of hands-on physics activities. Experiments cover common core standards and next generation science standards concepts

Ordering information: Visual scientifics base (470148-822) and back board (470135-558) are required, and sold separately.