HOBO® U30 Shuttle

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470323-760EA 439.35 USD
HOBO® U30 Shuttle
Data Loggers
This U30 Shuttle reads out data from systems in the field for transfer to a host computer.

  • Optionally relaunches the data logger - synchronizes the logger’s clock with the shuttle’s clock and (in most cases) sets logging to begin at the next interval
  • Preserves data in nonvolatile memory, even if batteries are depleted
  • Displays logger status, including memory, battery level, and sensor readings
  • Displays its own status, including clock, memory, and battery level
  • Lets you change the batteries in the field without resetting the clock
  • Allows to test individual smart sensors
The HOBO U-DT-2 U30 shuttle data transporter provides convenient in-field data offload and relaunch of HOBO U30-NRC systems and HOBO weather stations (H21-001) and micro stations (H21-002 only), and HOBO energy logger systems (H22). The U30 shuttle's 2×16 character display shows current readings (for selected data loggers), and logger status.

Ordering information: For more information on required HOBOware software (not included), contact your Avantor representative.