Vernier Go Direct® Ethanol Vapor

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Vernier Go Direct® Ethanol Vapor
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Measure the concentration of ethanol in air above an aqueous sample with Go Direct Ethanol vapor.

  • Determine the rate of ethanol production during fermentation
  • Measure the discrete amount of ethanol in a given sample
  • Investigate which sugars yeast can ferment
  • Identify specific organisms that can utilize ethanol fermentation as a metabolic pathway
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Range: 0 to 30%
Go Direct sensors connect directly to your mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer using our free Graphical Analysis™ 4 app - no additional equipment or software purchases are necessary. Go Direct sensors can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing to choose the solution best for classroom or laboratory. Response time is 90% of full scale in 60 s.

This sensor can be used in a wide variety of experiments in biological, agricultural, food, and environmental studies.

Delivery information: These includes Micro USB cable, 250 ml Nalgene bottle with lid, ethanol cap assemblies, tape for ethanol sensor, #6 stopper for ethanol sensor.