Megalodon Tooth replica

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Megalodon Tooth replica
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Reaching lengths of up to 60 to 70 feet and an estimated maximum weight of over 60 tons, the Megalodon is the largest known predator in Earth’s history. The modern Sperm Whale is longer, but is probably not as heavy as the Megalodon. To compare this size, the largest, contemporary Great White sharks max out around 23 feet and 3 ¹/₂ tons. This makes the megalodon nearly three times as long, and 20 times as heavy as the Great White Shark.

While most adult megalodon teeth fell into the 4 to 5" size range, a few massive, fossil teeth have been found in excess of 7", The largest verifiable Megalodon tooth is a 7.48" tooth found near Ocucaje, Peru. The name megalodon comes from the phrase 'Big Tooth'.

The Megalodon tooth comes with a Riker-Style box. Boxes are made of compressed hardboard with a textured surface coating, which include a clear glass window for showing off your fossil as well as a label to identify it.