Velociraptor Claw Replica

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Velociraptor Claw Replica
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Velociraptor, meaning 'swift seizer' in Latin, is a genus of Dromaeosauridae, a dinosaur that lived approximately 71 to 75 million years ago, during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period. It is known for its distinctive feet, each armed with one over-sized, hooked claw. Based on the latest paleontological research, many Velociraptors had feathers, giving them the appearance of a vicious, primordial turkey

he Velociraptor Dinosaur Claw is made of super-strong Smooth-On resin for durability. It can be handled with no concerns. It comes in an attractive 6.25×8.25×2" Riker-Style box that is made of compressed hardboard with a textured surface coating and includes a clear glass window for showing off your fossil as well as a label to identify it.