Smithsonian T-Rex Skull Fossil Replica

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Smithsonian T-Rex Skull Fossil Replica
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This new replica has been in development for literally millions of years.

The tenth-scale replica includes a display base from which the skull can be removed. The quarter-scale T-Rex skull replica includes an acrylic display/support system. This support stand provides the option of displaying the jaws in the open or closed position.

These replicas have been created by taking 3D models from the Smithsonian’s T-Rex skull scan-file for reproduction. From these 3-D scans, molds are created. They are as close to owning the real fossil from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. as you can get! These are being produced and sold as ¹/₁₀ scale, ¹/₄ scale, ¹/₂ scale, and full-size replicas. For reference, the full-size replica measures approximately 58 inches long and 40 inches tall.

The T-Rex half-scale skull replicas include a name/data plaque and a large tri-fold. The T-Rex full-scale skull replicas include a display/support system.

Certifications: All T-Rex replicas include a certificate of authenticity.