Fischertechnik Education Starter Set for Micro:Bit

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Fischertechnik Education Starter Set for Micro:Bit
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Programming in elementary school!

  • Contains 90 parts for building three different models
  • Instructional teaching and activity materials available for free download on the Fischertechnik eLearning portal.
The new "starter set for micro:bit" by Fischertechnik is a great method for teaching students in grade three and above the basic principles of programming with single board micro:bit computers. The set includes the fischertechnik parts needed for building three stationary models, and the new fischertechnik "micro:bit IO F5 adapter". This adapter board features eight outputs and six inputs. It can be used to control the three simple and easy to understand simulation models (a pedestrian light, an automated hand dryer, and an automated parking barrier) equipped with actuators and sensors using the "micro:bit" board. The additional teaching and activity materials, available for free download on the fischertechnik eLearning portal, provide direction on getting started with the models, as well as performing various informative tasks.

Ordering information: Required: micro:bit board, software and power supply (not included). Includes a micro: bit iO F5 adapter board, XS motor, 2 LED light barriers, a Phototransistor, 2 pushbutton switches and assembly instructions.