Botany Prepared Microscope Slides

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2H-117 2H-109 2H-130 2H-192 2H-64 2H-222 2H-177 2H-193 2H-147 2H-198 2H-199 2H-186 2H-149A 2H-157 2H-111 2H-188
470134-094EA 4 USD
470134-094 470126-892 470095-284 470126-894 470136-692 470072-302 470126-886 470133-312 470072-306 470126-854 470133-320 470092-364 470126-824 470126-834 470126-922 470072-308
Botany Prepared Microscope Slides
Slides Prepared Slides
Great for beginners.

  • Professionally stained samples for good visualization
  • Perfect for your introductory biology classrooms
Stock-up on these affordable prepared microscope slides for your classroom. These slides are a great way to introduce your students to viewing samples under a microscope.

Delivery information: These slides are made with care, by our manufacturing partners worldwide.