Eisco® Plant Cell Model

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Eisco® Plant Cell Model
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Hand painted plant cell model demonstrates details as seen under an electron microscope.

  • Greatly magnified plant cell model
  • Vividly hand painted and numbered
  • Model mounted on a base
  • Supplied with English key card
The detailed 3D rendering of a greatly magnified plant cell, with its vibrantly colored cell structures and organelles, is ideal for studying the structure and function of these various features of a plant cell. Demonstrated structures include: cell wall, cell membrane, lysosomes, chromatin, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, chloroplast, nucleolus, nucleus, cytoplasm, and vacuoles. Key features are colored and numbered for comparison with the key that is included. This model provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method for studying the structure and function of the various cell structures and organelles of a plant cell.

The cell diameter measures 8" (20.3 cm). Cell height measures 10" (25.4 cm). The model's base dimensions are 10×7×1" (25.4×17.8×2.5 cm).