Health Smart® Ear Thermometers

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Health Smart® Ear Thermometers
Thermometers Digital Thermometers
Easy tympanic temperature measurement.

  • Color coding to signify a fever
  • Past 9 readings stored in memory
  • °F and °C measurement
Clinically accurate readings in seconds. These thermometers feature up-to-date infrared technology to deliver the most accurate results. Either measures ear and ambient (air) temperatures. Both thermometers include two measurement modes for greater versatility. Each also includes a color-coded fever alarm. An LED light in-between the buttons turns red when your temperature is above 100.4 °F. It turns green if there is no fever present. The date and time stamp and 9-reading memory storage allow you to easily keep track of your progress. The standard version uses removable probe covers (30 included) with hands free removal, while the compact has a cover to keep the probe clear between uses.