Health Smart® Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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470326-228CS 3078 USD
Health Smart® Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
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Read temperatures without contact.

  • Readings in seconds
  • Measure forehead and object temperatures
  • °F and °C readings
Clinically accurate readings in seconds without skin contact. This thermometer features up-to-date infrared technology that allows you to measure a temperature without touching them. This sleek thermometer includes three measurement modes for greater versatility. Integrated distance sensor delivers precise accuracy. This amazing feature ensures that you get the most accurate measurements every time you use it. It also includes Color-coded fever alarm, so you can quickly assess the reading. The ring around the measurement button turns red when your temperature is above 100.4 °F. It turns green if there is no fever present. Measures forehead, object and ambient (air) temperatures.