DMI® Reusable Underpads

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DMI® Reusable Underpads
Surface Protectors Patient Underpads
Protect bedding and furniture from moisture.

  • Birdseye cotton
  • Waterproof bottom layer
  • Machine washable
Designed for use to protect beds and furniture from wetting and moisture, these pads are a great addition to your simulation lab. Many training systems use disposable underpads for students to practice with. These reusable underpads can be used, washed with the bed linen, and reused over and over again. There is no concern with simulating accidents. all pads exhibit a high absorbency, and have a waterproof backer to prevent soak through. Quilted versions provide an additional level of dryness with a brushed polyester top layer. Smaller pads are great for wheelchair and furniture use, while larger pads provide excellent bed protection.