Digital Microscope Imager, 5 MP

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470327-778EA 136.3 USD
Digital Microscope Imager, 5 MP
Turns any existing traditional microscope with 23 or 30 mm eyepiece diameters into a digital microscope.

  • Simple, rugged aluminum housed CMOS sensors
  • Takes high resolution still images and 30 fps video
  • USB powered – connects to your personal computer via open USB port
  • Software included
In the classroom, lab, and for any person who has a traditional microscope, Celestron's 5 MP digital microscope imager is the perfect tool to capture high resolution images and 30 fps video. Simply assemble the adjustment collar and the imager will replace any standard 22 or 30 mm eyepiece and plug directly into your Mac (2MP max.) or Windows (full 5 MP) PC via standard USB. The digital microscope imager ships with the latest software and allows you to easily shoot, save, and share quality images and video even make notes and highlight areas of your specimen for use in reports or presentations.

Ordering information: Comes with two years warranty.