Distant Learning: ABO/RH Blood Typing

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Distant Learning: ABO/RH Blood Typing
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Scaled down blood typing kit for distance learning.

  • Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains Instruction Manual
  • Materials for only two groups of students or a single student
This popular kit that has now been scaled down for distant learning, provides the most procedurally accurate simulation of the blood typing technique available. Test and determine the ABO/RH blood types of four different simulated blood samples. Using innovating science's new simulated blood, combine blood samples and antisera, gently agitate the blood typing tray, and observe the results. No toothpicks, no stirring, and no waiting for results required. Instruction manual included. Use gloves while performing tests.

Delivery information: Kit includes: 4 simulated blood samples (donor #1 to 4), simulated anti-A serum, simulated anti-B serum, simulated anti-RH serum and blood typing trays.

Caution: This product is for use by persons age 13 and up under adult supervision.