Ward’s Nylon Rope Trick and Synthesis Kit

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Ward’s Nylon Rope Trick and Synthesis Kit
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Impress your students with this fun demonstration.

  • Show an example of polymer chemistry from two colorless solutions
  • Engage students in polymer chemistry
  • Teach real-world applications of organic chemistry
Perform the popular nylon rope trick/demonstration with this fun and easy kit. Nylon, a common man-made fiber, is actually a synthetic polymer. This kit is designed to demonstrate the principles of polymeric bonding and the formation of nylon by a condensation polymerization reaction. Instructions include steps to prepare Nylon 6-10 with the Nylon Rope Trick and Nylon 6-6 with Nylon synthesis. Engage students in discussions revolving around different types of polymers in the fields of chemistry and biology. The demonstration and synthesis requires approximately 15 minutes.