Distance Learning: Forensic Chemistry - Drug Detection

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Distance Learning: Forensic Chemistry - Drug Detection
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What happened to the chili?

  • Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains instruction manual
  • Materials for only two groups of students or a single student
Everyone who ate the school cafeteria's chili became ill. Could someone have tainted the chili? You are a forensic toxicologist, and it is up to you to determine if any of the ingredients in the cafeteria could have been substituted for aspirin, which appears to have been stolen from the nurse's office. You will perform a series of chemical tests on the cafeteria ingredients and a control sample of aspirin, to determine if all the ingredients are what they are supposed to be. PS1.A; PS1.B; MS-PS1-2; MS-PS1-3; HS-PS1-1; HS-PS1-2; patterns; structure and function.