NewPath® Earth Science 3D Models

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NewPath® Earth Science 3D Models
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Easy student modeling.

  • 5 modeling sets and a teacher guide
  • Easily assembled
  • Use individually or in cooperative groups
Models are powerful tools for teaching science because they provide useful simplifications of structures and processes, helping to make the unseen seen and the complex simple.

Based upon the NGSS Standards, students are expected to develop and use models to represent structures, systems and processes, and then provide explanations, make predictions, or investigate possible solutions. Using the ready-to-use materials provided with each 3-D model set, students first assemble a model to represent a structure or an entire system as an aid to develop questions and explanations. They will then generate data and observations that can be used to make predictions and communicate ideas to others.

Each 3-D Model Making Kit includes enough materials for students to assemble up to 10 paper models working cooperatively. The comprehensive Teacher Resource Guide included, also provides teaching opportunities for students to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate their understanding of the concepts presented.