Automated AI Temperature Screening System

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Automated AI Temperature Screening System
Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology.

  • A hands-free way to get fast and accurate temperature checks
  • Fast and accurate temperature screens - measurement accuracy ±0.5 °F in less than 3 seconds
  • Easy to use - the autonomous system requires little-to-no setup and is ready within minutes of being plugged in
  • Intelligent technology includes remote alerts, automated recordkeeping, and live monitoring
Promote a safer and healthier environment with this all-in-one temperature screening solution. The AATSS-V3 is an advanced technology solution that helps you seamlessly implement temperature screen procedures. The system is trusted by clients across a range of industries, including Health, Manufacturing, Government, Military, Retail, Public utilities and private and public businesses. Two convenient mounting options are available to full meet your needs.

Effective and Reliable
Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology
Verify identification and detect face masks - advanced near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology

System Integration
Extensive API integration capabilities - Easily integrate with your classroom or business management system
Free lifetime software updates, no licensing required

Compliance and Privacy
ADA Complaint Personal Data Security
HIPAA Compliant Data Encryption
Exceeds FDA Measurement Accuracy Requirements

System Support
Up to 3-years full manufacturer warranty - the longest and most affordable warranty policy on the market
Replacements are provided within 48 hours of receiving a request
Free 14-day return policy - no questions asked, no restocking or shipping fees
Dedicated US-based technical support team
FREE setup services

Advanced Features
IP 65 water and dust resistant
Full outdoor use capability operates under direct sunlight
Auto height adjustment
Remote alerts (SMS, Email, and Live view)
Direct integration with security systems through RTSP streaming options
Fully integrated COVID-19 Symptoms Questionnaire for enterprise customers
Cloud-based portal - Remote monitoring of all units, centralized database management, device groupings, a command console for all devices in any location

Certifications: Power adapter CUL certified.

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