Inksmith Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printer

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470330-318EA 2999.99 USD
Inksmith Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printer
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Safe and reliable prints from this highest-in-class 3D printer.

  • Large print volume (240×190×200 mm)
  • Wireless enabled printing
  • Enhanced HEPA, Purefill catalyst, and deodoring filtration
  • Improved automatic bed levelling
  • Convection heated enclosure
  • Filament detection (prevents misprints)
The Cubicon Single+ is an upgraded version of the field-leading Cubicon Single. Building on the Single's highest-in-class ease of use, features, safety, and quality, the Single+ sports upgraded printing speeds, WiFi enabled printing, and a touchscreen interface. The Single+ is one of the most reliable and accurate desktop 3D printers on the market. With its fully automated bed leveling and convection temperature control function, perfect prints have never been so effortless. Fully enclosed, Carbon/HEPA filtered - these machines are the best fit for a classroom. 

Footprint: 554x579x524 mm
Build volume: 240×190×200 mm
Layer height: 50 to 300 microns
Top print speed: 500 mm/s
Nozzle diameter: 0.40 mm
Max extruder temp: 260 °C
Max bed temp: 120 °C
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Filaments: PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, HIPS, Nylon, TPU/TPE, and more





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470348-368 Cubicon single plus heated plate
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470348-374 Cubicon single plus replacement nozzle
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470348-382 Cubicon single plus extruder
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470348-362 Cubicon single plus replacement filter
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