Inksmith Cubicon Style 3D Printer

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470330-320EA 2331.99 USD
Inksmith Cubicon Style 3D Printer
Solid and accurate.

  • Low noise
  • Enhanced filtration: HEPA (removes 99% of airborne particles), Purefill catalyst (filters VOCs), and Deodoring filter (filters harmful gasses)
  • Automatic bed levelling
  • Enclosed build area
The Cubicon Style is a compact desktop 3D printer designed for all environments, including schools, libraries, makerspaces, and more. The Style is one of the most reliable desktop 3D printers in the market, and contains upgraded features that are often found on expensive industrial machines. With its fully automated bed leveling and internal temperature control function, perfect prints have never been so effortless. Fully enclosed, Carbon/HEPA filtered - these machines are the best fit for a classroom.

The Cubicon style features swappable nozzles, simplifying maintenance, inspection, and also allowing to print with a wide variety of filaments such as ABS, PLA, flexible filaments of 1.75mm. One of the interesting features of Cubicon Style is the powerful internal air filtration. This system eliminates micro dust, toxic gases, and unwanted odors during the printing process. The automatic leveling function is a unique feature found on the Cubicon Style. This function accurately controls the distance between the heated bed and the nozzle which extrudes the filament, ensuring high quality 3D models. The filament detection sensor prevents output failures caused by the filament running exhaustion by automatically pausing the print in progress. After checking the problem, the user can load the filament and resume the print process. The enclosed printing chamber and air convection function maintain a constant indoor printing temperature, ensuring advanced stability and accuracy. The Cubicreator opensource software, based on the Cuba software, has been optimized for use with the Cubicon Style. Simple and intuitive, it allows the user to use vary different paraments such as part resolution, filling rate, plastic melting temperatures, and printing speed to extrude different materials. Material Compatibility: PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PLA/PHA, HIPS, Wood/PLA, Metal/PLA, PC-ABS, PC-ABS V0, Nylon.