Elementary Science Olympiad: Gummi Bear Long Jump

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Elementary Science Olympiad: Gummi Bear Long Jump
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The nation's most exciting science competition now has kits for at-home use!

  • Lesson plans and worksheets for two hands-on activities (lesson plans include extension suggestions for classroom or competition use)
  • Materials to complete activities, excluding a few common household items (most materials may be reused)
  • Educational standard: ESS-1
Elementary Science Olympiad Signature Events kits encourage hands-on learning and exploration for students in grades K-6, either at home or at school. The Gummi Bear Long Jump kit will help your child or student understand how to use a pre-made catapult device to collect data and determine if a Gummi Bear launched at various settings will hit a target area. They will build and modify their own catapult device to hit a target.

All activities are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, nationally recognized standards for science instruction. Parents, afterschool providers, and classroom teachers can successfully guide younger children through these activities, regardless of science background or knowledge. Older and more advanced children may be able to independently complete the activities with minimal assistance from adults.