Sickle Cell Gene Detection (DNA-Based)

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Sickle Cell Gene Detection (DNA-Based)
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Hands-on simulation of Sickle Cell diagnostic test.

  • Perform a simulated test on a patient sample
  • No actual blood or blood products are used.
  • Includes all required reagents
  • Use DNA Electrophoresis to reach a diagnosis
  • Activity can be completed in 45 minutes
Sickle Cell Anemia is a common genetic disease that causes long rods in red blood cells, giving them a 'sickled' appearance. These cells get stuck in small capillaries of the blood stream leading to oxygen deprivation that causes pain and organ damage.

Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by a single point mutation in the hemoglobin gene that results in a faulty protein.

In this experiment, your students will investigate the restriction enzyme that discriminates between HbA (normal) and HbS (disease) genes and perform a simulated test on a patient.

Additional items needed but not included: DNA Electrophoresis equipment, White light box, microwave or hot plate.

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Caution: Store DNA samples in the refrigerator. All other components may be stored at room temperature.