AIDS Kit I: Simulation of HIV Detection by ELISA

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AIDS Kit I: Simulation of HIV Detection by ELISA
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Biochemistry Learning Activities
Perform a simulated HIV diagnostic test.

  • Simulated test - does not detect COVID-19 infection
  • No virus or human blood product is used
  • Perform an ELISA in 60 minutes
  • Perishable component refills available
In this experiment, your students will perform an ELISA test by coating microtiter plate wells with simulated HIV antigen and then test simulated donor serum for anti-HIV antibodies. An HIV test detects HIV infection indirectly using an ELISA test against HIV antibodies in the blood.

The test works by taking antibodies from the patient's blood and adding them to a microtiter plate coated with HIV antigen. If HIV antibodies are present in the blood, they will bind to the antigens on the plate. This binding is detected with an enzyme-linked secondary antibody that causes a color change upon addition of substrate.

Additional items needed but not included: Distilled or deionized water, beakers, pipet pump or bulb, lab glassware, disposable lab gloves and safety goggles. Recommended: automatic micropipettes (0 to 50 ┬Ál) and tips.

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