Learn to Code! Introduction to Python for Detecting Disease

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Learn to Code! Introduction to Python for Detecting Disease
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Introduce your students to biological data analysis.

  • Learn to code in computer programming language Python
  • No prior coding knowledge required
  • Master 15 fundamental coding skills
  • Create a program that analyzes DNA sequences and identifies mutations
  • Total time: 3 to 4 hr
Bioinformatics is a field dedicated to biological data analysis; an interface between computers and human health. Scientists use powerful computers to create simulations of biological activity and process large data sets, making large and complex data sets easy to understand and analyse.

In this experiment, students will learn how bioinformaticians process gene data, how they make sense of gene behavior, and what happens genotypically when a mutation occurs in a DNA sequence.

First, students will be introduced to the basics of the coding language Python, and will then use these skills to identify a SNP in a simulated patient's DNA.

Each purchase includes access to the coding program for a whole class and PDF instructions. Users only need a computer with internet access.

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