Eisco® Lorentz Force Demonstration Apparatus

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470328-164EA 531 USD
Eisco® Lorentz Force Demonstration Apparatus
Calculate electron charge-to mass ratio (e/m).

  • Great demonstration apparatus for teaching fundamental concepts in electricity and magnetism
  • Using the Lorentz force law, this apparatus allows calculation of the charge to mass ratio of the electron
  • Laboratory quality electronics in a sturdy box that also assists in blocking ambient light
  • Runs on 110 V, power cord included
  • Comes with instructions
This apparatus is the perfect demonstration unit for introducing your physics classroom to the Lorentz force. An electron gun accelerates charged particles in a beam with a known potential.

When a B-field is generated by the attached Helmholtz coils, the electrons move in a circle due to the centripetal force given by Lorentz's force law.

An attachable metal ruler allows students to easily measure the radius of the glowing electron beam, enabling the calculation of the charge to mass ratio of the electron.

Apparatus comes mounted in a box, not only useful for storage but also blocks ambient light from interfering with viewing of electron beam. Comes with instructions detailing experiment and apparatus use.