VWR® Advanced Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers

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470330-748EA 270 USD
470330-748 470330-744 470330-732 470330-746 470330-724 470330-740 470330-720 470330-742
VWR® Advanced Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers
Stirrers Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers
These top-of-the-line units combine advanced digital features with high quality and reliability.

  • All models feature digital displays
  • Speed range: 60 to 1600 rpm (stirring models)
  • Prominent 'Hot' indicator
  • Rocker switch for added safety
  • All models include a 5 year warranty
These high quality units feature advanced digital displays with a prominent hot surface indicator, a rocker switch do disconnect the heater element, audio alarm and overheat protection. Advanced electronics provide high temperature stability (±1%) and speed stability (±2%). The new design reduces benchtop footprint by over 20%, and all models come with a probe connection capability for even greater accuracy.

The speed range is adjustable in 10 rpm increments, and temperature is adjustable in 1 °C increments, with equivalent readability. The enclosure is made of polycarbonate. Probes come with the temperature probe, 18" rod, and clamp to hold probe.

Full specification details are given under separate entries for the corresponding hotplates and magnetic stirrers, please view full details by searching for the relevant product code.