InkSmith Climate Action Kits - Land

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InkSmith Climate Action Kits - Land
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Real-world climate and sustainability investigations, powered by the popular BBC micro:bit!

  • Introduce students to climate change and environmental sustainability topics through engaging problem-based learning activities
  • Students develop technology-related solutions aligned with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
  • In-depth curriculum and instructor guides available online
With the climate action kit, you can empower students to tackle climate change issues while learning important digital skills for 21st-century learning. Choose from five different project-based lessons that focus around Life on Land. Students will work through a variety of experiential learning challenges to design and prototype a solution using the BBC micro:bit. Each of the curriculum lesson plans have been constructed to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each kit includes educator-facing curriculum designed to introduced students to global competencies and design thinking principles. Students will explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and make connections between the SDGs and the climate change issues we're facing. In addition to educator-facing curriculum, each kit also includes a student-facing presentation to make integrating your climate action kit into the classroom simple.

Ordering information: Already have micro:bits in your classroom? The climate action kit - land is available with or without a micro:bit.

Delivery information: Kit includes (1) climate action micro:bit breakout board; (10) alligator clip wire leads; (1) DC water pump; (1) DC motor; (1) moisture sensor; (1) 360 servo motor; (1) touch sensor; water tubing; and pH strips.
The kit also includes online access to project-based lessons educator curriculum courses.