InkSmith K8 Robotics Kits

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InkSmith K8 Robotics Kits
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Applied Physics Learning Activities
Powered by the popular BBC micro:bit!

  • Online learning resources available
  • Develop STEM and programming skills
  • Drive independent learning
We believe that every kid should have a shot at learning and doing the things they might be amazing at! From block-based coding to JavaScript, k8 is your best friend for discovering the wonderful world of robotics.

Build - k8 is fun and easy to build! Follow along with our step by step tutorials to assemble k8 from scratch in less than 30 minutes.

Code - Learning to code has never been easier! k8 is powered by micro:bit and microsoft make code to allow students to start with block coding and work their way up to JavaScript. The programming software is completely cloud-based and runs like a breeze on a chromebook.

Share - Using micro:bit makes it easy for groups of 3 or even 4 to share the use of the robot and iterate on their own code! No more tethering to the computer, take your code to k8.
Discover - With more than eight sensors and motors, k8 opens a world of possibilities, for making, playing and learning!

The online course materials include seven introductory programming modules: Assembly, Hello World, motor control, line following, ultrasonic, radio control, servo control. Take your programming further with two intermediate modules: Robot sports and sumo.

Ordering information: Already have micro:bits in your classroom? The k8 Rover is available with or without a micro:bit.

Delivery information: Kit includes (1) k8 micro:bit breakout board; precision molded k8 chassis components; (2) wheels; (2) DC motors; (1) ultrasonic sonar sensor; (1) infrared sensor; (1) servo motor; (1) battery box; hardware pack; (3) cable connectors.
The kit also includes online access to project-based lessons educator curriculum courses.