MultiCan® Barrier Containers, Dynalon

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MultiCan® Barrier Containers, Dynalon
Bottles Jerricans
MultiCan® Barrier containers offer a six-layer technology which makes this container a perfect fit for oxygen-sensitive contents and for liquids tending to permeate, such as non-polar hydro-carbon compounds. EVOH barrier containers are particularly suitable for flavors and fragrances, but also for alcohols, paints and coatings, additives, as well as solvents and cleaning agents.

  • Filling medium only has contact with food certified HDPE
  • Product characteristics remains stable
  • Permeation of liquids will be prevented effectively
  • Produced according to BRC Standard
  • Flexible and inherently stable transport packaging with UN certification
MultiCan® containers feature an anti-static outer layer, making them dissipative on the outside and suitable for use with flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA and IIB.

MultiCan® containers have 3H1 UN ratings when used with the supplied 45/61 black HDPE tamper-evident closures. All containers are also supplied with a regular DIN61 cap. Materials used to manufacture these containers comply with the respective international rules and regulations for suitability of foods (recommendatio BgVV and/or FDA).

Embossings on the produdct include manufacturer, Lot-Number, production date, item, UN registration number, recycling sign '7', food sign, and blind sign. Additional sizes and colors of MultiCan® Barrier containers are available in capacities from 3 to 30 liters upon request.

Certifications: UN shipping certification.