The Shedding Light On Motion Video Series

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The Shedding Light On Motion Video Series
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How do things move?

  • Short running time for in-class use
  • Plays in any region (1,2,3,4)
The Shedding Light on Motion series is a visual treasure trove of demonstrations, animations, and explanations of all things motion. To an extent we're all familiar with motion because we all move and we see movement everywhere, but a detailed knowledge of motion has allowed us to build the wonderful modern world that we live in. From the production of visual effects in movies, to sport, to car safety, to transport (including rockets, planes, and trucks), knowledge of the physics of motion has completely transformed the world. This series brilliantly covers all the essentials of the topic of Motion, including speed, acceleration, relative motion, the use of graphs, and Newton's three Laws of Motion.