Sterile Microcentrifuge and Centrifuge Tubes

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C3150-S C2625-R C2600 C2230 C2625-B C2605 C2602 C2410 C2630
470332-390BG 20 USD
470332-390 470332-380 470332-394 470332-384 470332-392 470332-382 470332-388 470332-386 470332-378
Sterile Microcentrifuge and Centrifuge Tubes
Tubes Centrifuge Tubes
These sterile tubes come in a variety of sizes and packaging options to fulfill a variety of tube needs in the lab.

  • RNAse-, DNAse-, pyrogen-, and cytotoxin-free
  • Store at −80 °C
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
These centrifuge tubes are perfect for everyday sample preparation needs. The rugged construction provides durable, reliable, long-term sample storage.