STEM Renewable Energies

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STEM Renewable Energies
Educational Materials Environmental Educational Materials Environmental Learning Activities
Middle and High School STEM.

  • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
  • Materials come packed in sturdy plastic Gratnells storage box with transparent lid
How is environmentally friendly power generated? How does a fuel cell work, and how can you use it to produce hydrogen? Renewable energy sources will become the most important sources of energy in the future. Nine models and 28 experiments are used to demonstrate the production, storage and use of electricity from natural sources like water, wind, and solar power. Powerful solar models can be attached in different ways for versatile use in the models. The included Gold Cap serves as an energy storage system, which can also output stored energy. The fuel cell clearly demonstrates how water is split into the two components hydrogen and oxygen. This teaches children about future energy sources and helps them learn important skills. A full set of lesson plans helps teachers use the STEM Renewable Energies set in the classroom. Students will be able to build 9 functional models, to learn all about how energy from wind, water, sun, and fuel cell technology is generated, stored, and used. Models include a hand generator, wind turbine, wind power plant, vertical wind turbine, water turbine, electric vehicle with solar panels/and with gold cap/with fuel cell. Components in this set include a solar motor (2VDC),2 solar modules (1VDC, 400mA),a goldcap energy storage device, an LED, a fuel cell, a voltage converter, and a multimeter.