STEM Gear Tech

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STEM Gear Tech
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Applied Physics Learning Activities
Middle and High School STEM.

  • Includes access to downloadable education material (free download)
  • Materials come packed in sturdy plastic Gratnells storage box with transparent lid
The 26 engaging experiments can be conducted, using different models such as a beam balance, a scissor lift, or a windshield wiper, and the exciting technology behind them can be conveyed. Of course, the various types of gears, such as a clock gear, planetary gear, or differential gear, are also included. The concept is rounded off by the accompanying educational material available online. Main topics include: lever laws, gear ratios, four-bar linkages, pulley block, differential gears, and planetary gears. Includes gears, bevel gears, internal gear, worm, various axles, rope with winch and pulleys, Chain, building blocks, and base plate (258x186mm).