Ward's® Live Red Worm Culture (Eisenia Hortensis)

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Ward's® Live Red Worm Culture (Eisenia Hortensis)
Specimens Live Specimens Animals - Living Material
These common worms are also referred to as Red Wigglers.

  • Great to use in composting and fishing
  • Helps you go green, as they are great for composting
  • Chemical-free; safe for feeding to pets
Also known as euro worms, Belgian worms, Belgian reds, minis, and reds. While they are very easy to keep alive for weeks at room temperature in the cups they arrive in, we recommend if not using immediately to refrigerate between 38 to 55 °F.

Ordering information: For larger orders please give at least 2 weeks notice.

Delivery information: These products contain living materials and will ship via overnight or 2 nd day delivery. Please specify a delivery date during checkout.

Packaging: Each cup of worms come packed with sphagnum peat moss.