Electrostatics Lab, United Scientific

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Electrostatics Lab, United Scientific
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Thoughtfully designed kit contains everything educators need to convey the fundamental principles of electric charges at rest.

  • In-depth activity guide included
The Electrostatics Lab is a carefully-chosen set of items that allows students to demonstrate multiple electrostatic principles and phenomena: electrophorus, charging electroscopes by induction and contact, electrostatic attraction, repulsion and induction, Faraday's ice pail experiment, and surface distribution of the charge. A comprehensive activity guide is also included.

Ordering information: Kit includes 2 electroscopes with ball terminals, 1 charge transfer rod, 2 disk terminals for electroscopes, 1 glass beaker, 1 Faraday cage with cover, 1 Insulated base for Faraday cage, 1 aluminum can, 1 electrophorus plate with handle, Pith balls, 1 charging ball, 1 acrylic sheet, 1 neon bulb, 1 insulated point, 1 acetate cloth, 1 set of friction rods (polyethylene, PVC, acrylic, glass, nylon, polystyrene).