Waterwise 4000 Countertop Distiller

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Waterwise 4000 Countertop Distiller
Distillation Systems Automatic Distillation Systems
Compact, versatile water distillation at your fingertips.

  • Produces 1 gallon of 100% steam distilled water in 4 hours (up to 6 gpd)
  • Automatic shutoff after each 1-gallon cycle
  • Compact for storage and portability
With no installation or hookup needed, the Waterwise 4000 is the perfect water purification system for your classroom. Easy, convenient and portable, move it from class to class instantly for a steady stream of 100% pure steam distilled water. Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press start and you're done.

Certifications: CSA Canada/US, CE.

Ordering information: 1 year warranty.