Media/Storage Bottles, GL 45, Square, Clear Plastic (PC)

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Media/Storage Bottles, GL 45, Square, Clear Plastic (PC)
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Clear polycarbonate bottles for storage.

  • Square space-saving design
  • Supplied with polypropylene cap
  • Sterilized using gamma radiation
  • Individually bagged
  • Autoclavable
Clear, square disposable polycarbonate bottles are space-saving and convenient to handle. Useful for mixing, sampling, and storage applications. Graduations and large marking spot are screened in easy-to-read white enamel. Includes a blue, linerless GL 45 polypropylene plug-seal autoclavable cap. Neck int.Ø is 37 mm.

Polycarbonate bottles can be used in environments ranging from −80...+130 °C. Bottles can be autoclaved once. Repeated autoclaving is not recommended.